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Radical KnitwearHussein Chalayan, Scent of Tempest collection, autumn/winter 1997–1998. Chalayan’s somewhat provocative commentary on the contradiction between Islamic women’s dress and modern society was shown a year later in a collection featuring models dressed only in diminishing versions of the chador. This sweater with a slit mask was a forerunner, and created some controversy itself.

Knitwear in Fashion by Sandy Black

Rachel de Joode - Puddle in Pedestal, There (2014)

Phyllida Barlow
August 28th


Where Is My Mind // THE PIXIES

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse
But there’s nothing in it
And you’ll ask yourself
Where is my mind?

(via fengshit)

August 28th